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NODUSKĀ is an artist-founded community that provides edm sample packs, edm presets, and most importantly, freeĀ resources to musicians.

Free Sample Packs

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Initially, NODUSK started out as a platform to release sample packs and presets to artists. Today, we have grown into a Music Producer Resource Website where we give, educate, and help producers. Check our FaceBook for new releases!

  • We Make Fire Sounds

    We don’t play when it comes to Pro-Tier Samples and Presets. No seriously, check out our sample packs if you don’t trust. We’re literally giving them away.

  • Founded by Artists

    We got tired of all the low-quality sample packs surfacing on Facebook and Soundcloud – So we made our own, for you. Most packs will be free on our website.

  • Free Giveaways

    It’s become clear to us that people like free stuff so we will host giveaway contests in our Facebook Group. Chances of you winning are pretty high since we’re still new.

  • Tutorials & More

    We give out free content on our Blogs such as How To’s on Promoting your Music, Links to Presets, and Guides such as Building your Soundcloud Following.

Download Free Sample Packs & Win Giveaways

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