Free List of Trap Samples & Presets

Interested in Trap Sample Packs? We’ve got you covered.

If you are an upcoming electronic music producer, having access to the best Trap Sample Packs is crucial to you creating the best music that you can.

We have put together a list of 20+ Free Trap Samples and Presets so that you can take your music production work to a whole new level.

The list that we’ve compiled for you below contains Free Trap Presets which we, with confidence, can say that we’d personally use in our own projects. So, let’s get right into it.

List was last updated on May 26th, 2018

List of Free Trap Sample Packs and Presets

Trap Sample Packs
Free Sample Packs for Trap

Trap Samples by Antidote x NoDusk.
For this Trap Sample Pack, we teamed up with Antidote audio and released our first trap pack for free! (Free)

Desiigner Panda Trap Samples by Free Beats & Samples
This pack contains 20+ of the best Trap Samples which were produced with Desiigner – Panda in mind.

Free Trap Pack by Trap bangers
Released just over a year ago, this pack contains over 80 of the best Free Trap Presets out there.

808 Trapstep Pack Vol. 1 by
Of all of the EDM Trap Packs available, this is the one which will help you to truly kick-start your next trap project.

Ultimate 808 Mafia Drum Kit Collection by ProducerGrind
This pack contains a range of drums, snares, claps, and much more.

Steal This Sample Pack by Steal This
Loops, kicks, snares, and 808s. What more could you need?!

Trap Loops by Trap Squad
A pack containing 100+ of the most useful loops, 808s, claps, and many other Trap Samples for your next production project.

Free EDM Hybrid Trap Drums by W.A. Production
37 Trap Samples from one of the best sample pack producers.

Free HQ Trap Drums by ModernMixing
After signing up to their website, you’ll be emailed 65 high-quality Trap Samples.

7 Trap Kicks by FreeSamplePacks
This is one of the more simple packs out there, containing just 7 unique trap kicks.

Trap/Dirty South Drum Kit by ProducerGrind
50+ carefully chosen trap drum samples.

Metro Boomin Sample Pack by Metro Boomin
A truly helpful sample pack when it comes to producing your next trap project, straight from Metro Boomin himself.

Ghetto Trap Freebie by Samplephonics
One of the best EDM Trap Packs which goes much further than just giving you Trap Samples.

Trap Sample Pack by TrapStyle
This pack contains 40 trap drum samples, 808s, and loops; all of which are essential to creating your masterpiece.

Gucci Mane Trap God FL Studio Sound Kit by ProducerGrind
The “Trap God” pack contains a range of sound effects, loops, and free trap drums.

Trap Ghosts Drum Kit by Johnny JulianoContaining all of the best trap ghosts drum samples that you’ll ever need.

The “Trap Money” Free Sound Kit & Nexus Expansion by ProducerGrind
Yet another Trap Sample Pack produced by ProducerGrind which is worth getting your hands on.

Lex Luger Drum Kit by Eric Kauffmann
These samples are inspired by one of the most iconic music producers out there and are undoubtedly worth adding to your library.

Trap Drum Kit by TM48
This pack contains a range of kicks, snares, hats, claps, and 808s, all of which you can use in your next music production.

808 Collection V1 by EchoSoundWorks
Anyone who uses these 808 samples in their next track will be on the right track to creating a masterpiece!

The Importance of Having Good Samples

If you take on board all of the EDM Trap Packs which we’ve shown you in this extensive list, you’ll have a lot of different, and useful, sounds at your fingertips.

There are a lot of different samples and so there is something for every trap project in this list.

Having such an extensive sound library is an essential part of music production and with it, you are able to create some of your best work.

Using Trap Sample Packs as Producer Tools

Don’t think of using sample packs as “cheating”, it isn’t. Instead, think of them as a set of tools which you use to construct your masterpiece.

These Trap Samples will help you to better your music production.

There have been several projects which I have been working on where I had no idea which direction I was going to take.

To counter this, I simply start messing around with certain effects and sample packs and within a few hours, I have a very clear understanding of what my next production project is, and what direction I’m going to be taking it in.

Without the help of these Free Trap Presets, your creativity will be stunted.


With the help of the Trap Samples which we’ve provided you with above, hopefully you will be able to drastically improve your music projects. Whether you’re new to music production or you’re an expert in the industry, each of these Trap Sample Packs will fit into your projects. Remember, a song can only be as good as the samples which it is made of!

Keep on improving.

Keep experimenting.

Stand out from the rest.

– Lewis.