5 Famous EDM Producer’s First Songs

Do you think your music sucks?

Honestly it’s only natural that you suck. It’d be a miracle if you’re some professional level producer the first time you laid your hands on a Digital Audio Workstation (commonly referred to as a DAW) such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, etc.

“Sucking at Something is the First Step to Becoming Sorta Good at Something”
– Jake from Adventure Time.

Well I’ve got good news, you’re not alone!.

If you trace back pretty much every producers beginning’s, you’ll find that their early music was bad – and I mean really bad.

But how could they be so bad yet be so good these days?


Yes, the answer you always hate to hear but here’s thing, the reason you always hear the same answer is because it really works!

Below you’ll find a list of some of the early songs from the best producers in the game today. Mentally prepare yourself now however, they do NOT sound how they do these days.


Of course I need to start of with the troll king. Joel came from being no one important to being one of the most iconic names in the EDM scene.

Deadmau5’s First Track

I wouldn’t believe someone if they told me this was by Deadmau5. If anything I would say The Prodigy in their early days. It’s not terrible really but definitely nothing compared to what he is capable of now. Keep your head up.

“I’m Electric” (Karma K Remix) AKA deadmau5
(Alternate Link thanks to EdenC)

What made you want to start making music and get into production?


Madeon, the boy prodigy that took over youtube by storm with his launchpad mashup video. Check out his early works.

Madeon’s First Tracks

Madeon used to be called Deamon, and just reorder the letters to spell his current alias.

Brace yourself as “Deamon” sounds nothing like his production quality today in the slightest. He’s clearly changed up his style a lot from originally starting off in the house / trance genre’s of music into current style.

“Fatality” by Deamon (Madeon)

Are you in it for the fame, money, or something more?


If you want to get old-school dubstep fans angry, just say Skrillex invented it. While he didn’t even it, he definitely popularized “brostep” and that took the nation by storm.

Skrillex’s First Song

Sonny Moore’s (Skrillex) first music isn’t terrible but it sounds like someone downloaded a dubstep sample pack and started producing something for the first time that day. In fact I know plenty of people who can make dubstep way better than this and they’re not even that good.

But still, this is to show you the humble beginnings producer’s like Skrillex came from and where they are today. It’s not impossible, you just have to put your nose to the grindstone.

“Slats slats slats” by Skrillex

If you’re in it for the money, there are plenty of other things that could make you money with less investment of time.


The future bass king – Flume. If you make edm, you’re very familiar with this style and some even say Flume popularized Future Bass in general.

Flume’s First Tracks

Before blowing up on his tracks like “You & Me”, Flume went by the name HEDS. An interview I read a while ago asked Harley essentially how he got so good? His answer?

Producing all types of music, not just electronic. Learning the ins and outs by forcing himself out of his comfort zone of EDM helped him craft his own style and sound. (Sorry i couldn’t find the link to the interview).

“Redial” by Let Me Go (HEDS Remix) AKA Flume

If you want fame, you need to work for it, get a little bit lucky, and stand out.

Daft Punk

Few people would argue that Daft Punk are some of the founders of what became EDM eventually. Through the use of creative sampling. they created tracks that stand the test of time.

Daft Punk’s First Tracks

Before being called Daft Punk, they were actually Darlin’ Darlin’, and I won’t share the music they made then because it doesn’t really relate to what they make now but I will share one of their first tracks as Daft Punk.

Being a hardcore Daft Punk fan, I tried really hard to like this but I just couldn’t do it. Prepare your ears.

Assault by Daft Punk

If it truly is your passion, do you think you have the determination to keep at it?

Porter Robinson

What made you want to start making music and get into production? How have things changed since then?

Porter Robinson

Porter wasn’t actually that bad from what I can find believe it or not he was a hardstyle producer that went by the name of Ekowraith.

Fun fact, he and Madeon were actually friends over the internet way back then (now they’re on tour together, how far they’ve come).

Booming Track by Ekowraith (Porter Robinson)

These producers didn’t get famous by half-assing their music careers.

Song Sources: Reddit via Rad_Hatter1 & aokq


Everyone sucks when they first start out. Even if you watch 10x more tutorials on youtube than the next guy, he who implements and practices the most will come out on top.

The producers I mentioned above committed themselves and you need to be prepared to do the same if you want it to become more than a hobby some day.

If you compare how they sounded (no better than plenty of producers first starting out) and how they sound now, you’ll see that hard work and putting in your hours pays off big time.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you suck and hopefully you use this post as inspiration to keep practicing and keep improving because one day you might be headlining shows like these artists.

Happy Producing

– Lewis