10 Free Sample Packs and Tips to Inspire You


Today I’ve got 10 Free Sample Packs for EDM to inspire creativity in your productions. Skip down to list

I’ve fallen victim to writer’s block far too many time when working on a track or song.

It’s frustrating, annoying, and discouraging when you can’t make anything sound amazing and then you just get to a point where you wasted the whole day producing with nothing good to show for it.

An effective way to tap into creativity
is to experiment with these sample packs.

Many huge artists and producers use Sample Packs, more specifically, Samples, as an inspirational tool.

I’m not talking about copy and pasting loops into your project out of laziness – doing weird things such as stretching, looping certain elements, reversing audio clips, filters, fx, transposing, etc, can do wonders for the electronic music producer who’s struggling to make something sound amazing.

An often under-appreciated aspect of producing with samples, is how inspiring a sample can be.

Sometimes an extremely compelling sample may even be the foundation that an entire production’s concept is built around!

Challenge: Make a Song Using 1 Sample

Limitations can spark creativity.

You’ve probably seen this producer tip before but I’m going to expand on it.

Open up your DAW and one of the sample packs listed here. Say you are browsing through your library of samples, and you hear that perfect sound. You then think about how that perfect sound will engage with the other sounds in your library.

This could be a vocal chop (personally I like starting with these the most), foley loop, heck- even a synth loop.

Next thing, do not touch your vsts. I’m talking Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, whatever, do not open any virtual synths.

List of 10 Free Packs to Inspire You

To help jumpstart your creativity, here are ten new truly unique sample packs, which have interesting, and significant sounds, which can potentially serve as the basis of your entire production.

  1. Wave Alchemy 909 – Impeccably recorded samples from a 909 drum machine. Perfect for laying down the initial groove of your track

  2. Markus Hakala’s Kicks – The kick for many is the logical place to start when beginning a new track. This is a folder of 500 kick samples to help you find the perfect one for the job.

  3. Calvin Harris Acapella Pack – Another way that producers often find inspiration is stumbling by that perfect vocal. This is a playlist of Acapellas uploaded by Calvin Harris. Use these to spark your creativity, or add another rich layer to an existing production!

  4. Dj Mustard Vocal Chops – More vocals to inspire your productions. This time from iconic trap and hip hop producer Dj Mustard!

  5. Future Beats Freebie – This contains unique sounds which are perfect for jumpstarting your creativity if you are trying to produce future bass, or electronica!

  6. EDM Power Melodies – Writing a good melody is not easy, and sometimes it is just what you need to get your track off to a solid start. This sample pack contains a number of melodies perfect for building an EDM production around.

  7. Vintage Breaks – Breakbeats since the 80’s have been a staple of electronic music production. Perfect for interludes, building the groove, and adding some funk, layer a breakbeat before the drop, or mixed in with your hi-hats for a truly awesome effect.

  8. Orchestral Samples – Many massive edm tracks and intros include orchestral percussion, or feature some massive horn leads. This is an extensive library of recorded orchestral samples, which are categorized by instrument.

  9. Radiophonic Atmospheres – Oftentimes your productions can benefit from having a subtle drone, or slowly evolving sound in the background to give your piece an added organic dimension. This is a compilation of atmospheric sounds to help give your productions a necessary added layer.

  10. Nintendo Sounds – Sometimes you simply need some unique samples to set your piece apart. Samples from classic video games for future house and dubstep, can give your track a truly unique vibe. This website has a collection of samples from dozens of classic video games all which are perfect for incorporating into ones production.

Experiment with the Samples

True story, I took a vocal sample from a popular kid’s show, Adventure Time, and transformed it into a very solid WIP (Work In Progress) in about 5 hours.

Obviously some days this won’t work but if you limit your options, I suggest start with a sample or loop, next thing you know, you are eight hours into producing a new song, and if you think about it, that entire song was built around the discovery of that one sample!

We are hoping to help jump start your creativity. At this point, you should have plenty of samples to choose from, and if not, you can browse through some of these Free Sample Packs we’ve compiled : Free Sample Packs and some Future Bass Samples.


Hopefully some of these sample packs and production challenges will spark your creativity, and help inspire you to think outside of the box! Never be afraid to play around with unique sounds, because you never know which one will help your production hit home. Enjoy these new sounds, and as always:

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You can always count on us to have the most fire sample packs for you to download on a monthly basis.

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