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List of Free Future House Samples and Presets

Today I’m bringing the fire with a list of the best Free Future House Samples and Packs out there!

Each of the Future House Samples and Presets which are included in these packs are perfect for including in your most recent music project.

As a music producer, it’s important to bring something different to the table. By accepting each of these packs as a part of your library, you can get a leg up on others when producing your content.

Here are some of the Future House Sample Packs and Future House Presets that you can enjoy!

List was updated on August 16th, 2017.

Future House Samples List

Future House Pack by NoDusk
Now, what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t mention our very own future house sample pack? I’d definitely check this one out…

Free Sample Pack by Ni4Ni
With this pack, you gain access to 30 of the best Deep House and Future House presets.

Variety of Samples by Bass House Beats
Bringing several high-quality Future House bass samples, this is a pack worth checking out.

Trap Future House Constructions by Skifonix Sounds
With this pack you gain access to a total of 161 of the best Future House samples out there.

Future Bass Essentials by Audentity
153 of the most essential samples and presets out there.

Rooftop Afterhours by Splice
This pack comes with over 170 perfected melodic samples, perfect for any Future House track.

Deep it Back Pack by TTTM
Several of the best drum loops, synth loops, and presets, out there which allow you to create one of the best tracks possible.

Future House Sample Pack by Soundspot
This pack provides you with 5 basic yet immensely useful Future House samples and presets.

House Kicks & Drum Loops by Wobble & Future
This pack provides you with 167 of the hottest samples out there including drum loops, bass loops, and more.

Ultimate Vocal Chops by Audentity
Although different from the other samples, these vocal chops are perfect for not only Future House but several other genres too.

Future House by Elektrify Samples
Over 100 of the finest Future House samples and presets available to producers.

Dirty Wobble House by Famouse Audio
This pack provides you with 340 samples including bass loops, drum loops, bass hits, and many others.

Sample Tools by Cr2 Future House Samples
Over 400 samples that you can slip straight into your latest project.

Free Ableton Project by W.A. Production
A collection of Ableton samples which help you to produce a fire track.

Dirty Future House by Prime Loops
Looking for something a different? This pack contains over 220 dirty Future House samples.

EDM Anthems by W.A. Production
Over 350 samples which are worthy of working into your projects.

Trap Drum Kit by TM88
This pack contains a range of kicks, snares, hats, claps, and 808s, all of which you can use in your next music production.

Dirty Future House Sample Pack by Prime Loops
This pack ships over 400MB of high-quality sample packs, all of which will work their way into your work at one point or another.

Future House Freebie by SamplePhonics
Get your hands on some of the niftiest Future House samples out there with this SamplePhonics sample pack – you won’t regret it!

Free Future House Sample Pack by BVKER
Straight from BVKER, this pack supplies you with some of the best Free Future House samples packs that are out there.

Summary of the Future House Samples

All of the Future House Samples and Presets which we have focused in on above are free to everyone and therefore, everyone has an equal playing field when using them.

So NO EXCUSES to why you can’t make some game changing Future House tracks.

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I would strongly recommend that you give each of these samples at least a listen to the demo tracks.

After which you should immediately add them to your sample library because if not…. well…. You should just do it.


In all seriousness even if you don’t make future house (although I don’t know why you’re reading this then..), experimenting in a genre you’re unfamiliar with is vital to growing as a musician.

Allow yourself to produce a more diverse collection of music.

Many producers including Flume have stated that they often would make music way out of their comfort zone.

The point of doing such an exercise is to open your mind to new possibilities when producing and incorporating different elements of different genre’s to truly make something unique.


You can just sound like everyone else which some people are cool with so hey, no judge zone.

As a genre which is often requested from us, it is definitely worth checking out each of these packs.

BTW If you have a dope track, comment the link on our Facebook page and I’ll give some feedback.

Happy producing!

– NoDusk Team