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Top 10 Future Bass Tutorials

Future Bass Tutorials are an amazing shortcut to getting good at the genre quickly. Normally we talk about Future bass sample packs but today Tutorials for Future Bass will be listed in a list below.

Sorting through them to find the ones that really count is not that simple, especially when just starting out. We have looked far and wide to find ten of the best Tutorials for Future Bass from some of the best producers within the genre, as well as from some of the most reputable names on the web. These tutorials cover a wide scope of skills, and can truly help to advance your knowledge skill set.

Here is our list of ten in depth tutorials, enjoy the videos, and have fun with the process!

List of Tutorials for Future Bass

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1. How The Chainsmokers on made “Roses”
The chainsmokers break down their hit Roses, and shed some light on their unique creative process.

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2. How to Write Future Bass Chords
This is an in depth tutorial video explaining the underlying theory behind composing the rich melodic structure of future bass. By understanding the theory behind composing these structures, you can much more efficiently arrange a new track.

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3. LiveSchool Presents : WhatSoNot
The extremely talented Emoh Instead explains his creative process for remixing, as well as discusses professional skills for artists. By studying the process of established artists, one can pick up on dozens of tips and trick for a more professional production and workflow.

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4. Pro Presents : NGHTMRE Master Class
One of the most gifted up-and-coming artists of 2016 explains his creative theory, as well as explains his production approaches. This video is a two part seminar /  tutorial where you can truly get a clear picture NGHTMRE’s full creative process.

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5. Future Bass from Scratch Tutorial
This is a video that walks through a producers entire creative process from start to finish. It is an excellent visual example of streamlined workflow, and serves as a good introduction to professional production techniques.

5 More Production Tutorials

6. Flux Pavillon on the Making of Emotional
One of EDM’s most iconic producers breaks down his melodic trap hit Emotional. Flux Pavilions reputation speaks for itself, and any producer should be excited to have access to information directly from him!

7. What Is Sidechaining?
This video explains the essential reason why we sidechain, and gives in depth examples on how and when to sidechain. This process is essential to establishing a clean mix, by helping the kick the to shine through the other layers of the production.

8. Icon Masterclass With Protohype Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
In these videos Protohype discusses his history, as well as his relationship with music, and explains his production process. This is another truly insightful artist tutorial series.

9. Serum Tutorials Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Serum is one of the most popular VST’s that future bass producers rely on, and this three part tutorial series explains how to use its impressive functions to compose future bass

10. The DNA of Future Bass
This video explains future bass’ heritage as a genre, and helps break down where future bass fits into the world of EDM. It also explains in depth the production skills and tools required to produce this popular genre.

This may be seem overwhelming at first but just watch a few videos to begin. There is truly nothing more inspiring than learning something new, and then immediately identifying where it could be used in an existing project, or a future project. The wonderful thing about producing music is that the more you learn, the more creative freedom you have, and as a result the whole experience just becomes that much more satisfying.

Some advice when diving into all this information is to take your time. Bookmark this list, and watch one or two a day. Follow these tutorials by spending at least an hour or two in your DAW of choice to really reinforce the skills explained in the video.

Improve with Future Bass Sample Packs

Now that you’ve taken the time to hopefully watch through some of the future bass tutorials, we’d also suggest downloading some of the free Future Bass Sample Packs mentioned in a previous blog post on NoDusk.

Downloading and experimenting with sample packs for future bass can really accelerate your production skills since you can learn how specific sounds are made (such as ones that Flume is well know for using).

As a music producer you have a constant responsibility to make sure you push relentlessly to advance your skill set. This can be done through practice, education, and patience. To assist with this continuous cycle of personal improvement, we hope that these visual examples were just what you needed to help answer some underlying questions, and open new doors in terms of production. Good luck!

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